About Us

Make it Studios is a new shared workspace that promotes inclusive entrepreneurship by providing a range of spaces and services that support and develop entrepreneurial activity with a focus on people who are under-represented in entrepreneurship.

At Make It we are changing the future of work creating an environment that supports learning and based on the core values of collaboration, openness, community and sustainability. It's about collaboration over competition, doing over saying, sharing over secrecy, friendship and most importantly, people.

The aim is to create a central place where people can meet, work, learn and collaborate, managed for the benefit of our members rather than for an owner or shareholders, where profits are re-invested into developing the types of facilities and activities members require.

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*CIC – this stands for Community Interest Company, a limited company regulated by the CIC regulator. CICs have the following characteristics:

  • CIC’s re-invest their profits into developing activities which achieve their social purpose, submitting an annual report to the CIC Regulator
  • CIC’s have an asset lock which prohibits the sale of assets into private ownership

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