Make it your first step away from the kitchen table

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A home from home and the perfect environment to work alongside other people while getting some proper work done. Our members write, draw, make and manage their businesses from our shared workspace, and have fun doing it.

Friendships and collaborations are growing all the time at Make It. We’re a growing collaborative community, helping each other, making new contacts, finding new work and collaborating with others on projects.

Working for yourself can be incredibly rewarding and doing what you love for a living feels great. But working from home can sometimes be hard whether it’s lack of space, equipment or general housework distractions and many people miss the sense of purpose you get from going to work every day and interacting with colleagues.

Co-Working is a reason to get out of the house, do what you said you'd do and achieve your goals. And who knows, you might meet a future business partner, collaborator or just new friends.