Rachel Savage - Brand New Story

Rachel Savage - Brand New Story

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Create & Tell Your Story

Your story has the power to grow your business and change the world, if you’ll let it.

This workshop is designed to help you harness the power of storytelling, to create your brand as a story. Led by Rachel Savage, over the course of three sessions:

  • Define your purpose, values and brand personality
  • Place your target audience(s) – both internal and external – at the heart of your brand and its communications
  • Create a more human brand that enjoys an emotional connection with people (and instils brand loyalty)
  • Establish who you are, what you offer, to whom and why
  • Create and deliver a clear and consistent tone of voice across all your communications
  • Truly differentiate yourselves from the competition.

Create Your Story runs over three half-day sessions:

Course 1: Monday 8th, Thursday 11th and Monday the 15th of October.

Course 2: Monday 12th, Friday 16th and Monday 19th of November.

The Tell Your Story workshop is a 90-minute follow-up session with Rachel that must take place within four weeks of completing Create Your Story.

: Each session runs from 9.30am until 12.30pm

Who is it for?

Most of the people who attend our public workshops are SME business owners, either early stage start-up or more established businesses. 



A week or so after the final session you will receive an invite to book your 1-2-1 Tell Your Story session with Rachel when you will receive your story.


Your story looks and reads very similar to a script. It contains an outline of your brand and its personality, plus all the key messages you created over the course of the workshop. It’s designed to inspire your creative team and whoever else is responsible for bringing your brand to life. Rachel will go through your story with you and help you to decide how to go about ‘telling your story’.


Many of the tasks are written, with some practical exercises. Ideally you will be happy to write. Some of our clients have told us they are dyslexic before and we have always been able to offer them the support that they need so far.

What our clients say:

‘Before we worked together, my company was called Tripodicus Limited and I spent huge amounts of time thinking about how to catch people’s imagination around the idea of the Diary Detox®. The more I tried, the less able I was to say what I wanted. I dreaded people asking me what I did because I honestly didn’t know how to explain it.


‘Rachel took my attention away from what I was trying to say, and instead put me inside the mind of someone who needed me. This was powerful. When I received my Brand New Story, I finally found what I had been searching for. I was shocked to find that everything was something I had written. My next conversation with a prospective client was exhilarating and simple.


‘I have become adept at capturing peoples’ imagination around Diary Detox® and the name Tripodicus Limited is gone. I look forward to telling people what I do. This is a complete transformation and the effect has been profound.’

Paul Holbrook – Managing Director, Diary Detox™


'Working with Brand New Story for has proved absolutely fundamental to the success of my business. Our storytelling sessions not only shaped my understanding of why I personally set out on the journey to build my own company, but also why others should be keen to buy into it. Just one of the many tangible outcomes of this process was the brand itself. I couldn't recommend working with Brand New Story enough. As well as the consistent compliments we receive for our brand and branding, our big break came in October 2016 when
Waitrose and Harvey Nichols began stocking When in Rome in stores across the UK. I firmly believe that without Rachel’s help neither of these opportunities would have come to fruition.’

Rob Malin – Co-Founder, When in Rome Wine

For booking and enquiries please call Rachel on 07971 188657 or email rachel@brandnewstoryhq.com